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Leadership turns business challenge into inspiration and renewal. For more than 20 years our company has worked with every kind of organisation to develop its leadership, strategy and teams. Our core purpose is to offer our clients executive education and consulting solutions that dramatically improve:

  • executing strategic goals
  • making vision a part of everyday practice.

This means working to find innovative and dynamic ways to add benefit to your business success. It requires our using your specific needs as the starting point for any consulting and training solution.

We do this through: strategy sessions, facilitated discussion, leadership development one-on-one coaching sessions with optional use of internationally recognised tests, advisory meetings blending leadership and strategy development.

Carol O’Connor

“I recognised many of the lessons I learned the hard way while leading expedition teams in the Arctic and Antarctic. ‘Successful Leadership’ accurately addresses these in a practical and realistic way. I now feel inspired to look again at the way I do things and see where I can improve.” Felicity Aston

Carol’s book, Successful Leadershjip is on Amazon for ¬£5.99. Here’s an interview on her publisher’s website.

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