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Vision drives inspiration. It's a fuel that motivates leaders when they face major challenge. Vision in Practice Ltd. works with vision to turn creative ideas into reality. We draw on experience, knowledge, research, and skilled listening to support growth, renewal, and change‚Äč. The starting point is always the unique needs of an individual or an organization. Through strategy sessions, facilitated discussion, one-on-one coaching, and advisory meetings we work with leaders to identify innovative and dynamic ways to benefit success. Our core purpose is making vision a part of everyday practice. Our Vision and values section explains more.

2000 x 15 olive

The Economist - interviews Carol O'Connor

The Economist interviews Dr Carol O'Connor. This video explains the importance of communication for business success, and the need for leaders to listen to their workforce. We offer clients a Communication Audit to find problems and fix them. This is the link to watch this video.


 Secrets of Great Leaders - book coverThese 50 secrets help you become a great leader. Based on practical, visionary, and relation-building behaviour of great leaders, it explains how to inspire and get positive results. More than 2000 people have attended webinars featuring this book. It is sold by both Amazon.com (North America) and  Amazon.co.uk (UK and EU).

Three girls with chickens We are members of Social Enterprise UK, the network for community-building social enterprise in Britain. Drawing on our commercial expertise and microfinance skills, we support financial inclusion. Read more.




Business start-ups - these ideas can help.

Reid Hoffman podcast

Reid Hoffman - Masters of Scale - podcast


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