Dr Carol O'Connor

"The first time I used vision to support major change was during a team project for Ford Motor Company. We were hired to teach team skills to employees at all levels, coach managers to be team leaders, and support embedding team values within everyday life. The project met a lot of resistance at first because many employees thought Ford was doing really well and asked, "Why rock the boat? ... 

Emirates Securities and Commodities
Aga Khan Foundation
Asian Institute of Finance
The Economists Intelligence Unit
Ford Motor Company (Europe)
Petro-Geo Services
Jeddah Economic Forum – Kingdom of
   Saudi Arabia
China Trustees Association (Beijing)
Barclays Bank
London School of Economics Enterprise
VietPro (Vietamese professional

Barclays Bank plc
"Excellent speaker - syndicate exercises practical and worthwhile."   
​"Excellent delivery and theories. Put across in a practical and enthusiastic way."  

Connell Estate Agents  - Strategic Review UK
"The reaction of all our delegates was totally spontaneous. They thought you were absolutely great."​

UK Commission for Employment and Skills
"I would like to thank you for your speech at the Investors in People conference. Your comments stimulated fantastic discussions amongst the delegates."​ 

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