We offer courses, seminars, and skill building for topics including leadership, strategic thinking, communication, change and innovation to create long-term benefits for both individuals and organisatons. Vietnamese Professionals Networking Group (pictured) studied Improving influencing skills


A course is often the most cost-effective way to bring people together to gain support of change and acceptance of strategic goals.Our approach is practical and based on a client's specific needs. Programme development starts by interviewing key people and asking them what outcomes they want. We need to know what kind of learning will benefit the organisation  most - are there communication or team issues? disappointing profits? surprising areas of confusion or gradually lowering quality standards? Each of these issues requires a different solution and a focus on the right topic.

Our structured courses usually start with a short presentation of ideas, then include an activity that gets people talking and working in small groups to discover how those ideas could improve their work situation. Finally there is a group discussion that includes everyone so that learning is shared and a positive debate begins.

We have a menu of topics so that clients can choose what they think would be best for their situation. We then suggest examples, cases and problem-solving issues suited to the client's industry, sector, and specific needs. We combine this client input with what we've learned about their organisation from discussions with key people.The result is a fully customised course designed to support business growth and development. We also organise conferences and can source speakers for clients' special events.

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